HM-CSAFDF 37X/Auto-tracking/IR (Speed Dome)


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Product description

Auto Tracking function

  • Support auto tracking function, trigger tracking mode have alarm trigger and manually trigger.

IR function

  • IR LED ring layout, the circular optic filed fill the light more uniform.
  • IR LED Board use high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate (Thermal Conductive >2.0W/mK). Conduct heat faster to extend the service life of LED.
  • IDS ( Intelligent Light dimmer System), kinds of infrared mode can be configure.
  • Independent MCU IR control system, can set a variety of IR mode. Remote upgrade system.
  • IR LED controlling and camera module’s IR-CUT filter can synchronous switching. In order to get the best the image in the night.
  • The output power of IR LED and start illuminance 10 level can be adjusted.
  • IR control and optical filter can be switched synchronization.
  • Using cross-flow, constant voltage driver circuit and PWM pulse width modulation control circuit design, it can guarantee the IR LED for stable work.

System function

  • Multi-bearing structure design.
  • GUI (graphical User Interface) OSD Menu.
  • IP66, TVS4000V lightning protection and voltage transient protection.
  • Support Timing Action, Pattern scan, Preset scan, horizontal scan, etc.
  • Support upgrade the speed dome via communication bus-line.
  • Side designed DIP Switch, setting baud-rate and address code.
  • Built-in heat balance process equipment, in order to prevent the fog inside.